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Mag. Dr. Ernest GNAN Head, Economic Analysis Division, Österreichische Nationalbank, Vienna


1986 Master s degree in commercial sciences at the University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna
1989 Doctorate in economics at the University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna
1991 Economics course at London School of Economics
1987 Investment fund manager at Genossenschaftliche Zentralbank, Vienna.
1988-1991 Economist at Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Vienna, Economics Division
1992-1994 National expert at the European Commission, Brussels, Directorate General for Monetary and Financial Affairs
since 1992 Numerous lectures, on behalf of the European Commission, the European Monetary Institute and the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, on subjects related to macroeconomics, monetary union, monetary and exchange rate policy, and central banking
1995-1997 Economist at the European Monetary Institute (forerunner of the European Central Bank), Frankfurt, Secretariat of the Foreign-Exchange Policy Sub-Committee
1998 Deputy Head, Foreign Research Division, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Vienna
 Since 1998 Regular university undergraduate courses on "The political economy of European integration" for US students participating in a one semester Vienna Program of AHA International
since 1999 Head, Economic Analysis Division, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Vienna
  Adjunct Professor at Webster University, Vienna; Graduate courses on "Current Economic Analysis"
since 2000 Member of the European Central Bank s Monetary Policy Committee
since 2003 Member of the Government Debt Committee


Publications on macroeconomics; growth; monetary policy; economic, institutional and legal aspects of European Monetary Union; exchange rate policy, the European Monetary System, the ERM2 and the international monetary system; the institutional status of central banks; and the Austrian capital market.
Searching for the natural rate of interest - a euro area perspective, in: BIS Papers No. 19 - Monetary policy in a changing environment, 2003
Ursachen des langfristigen Wachstums in Österreich - Plädoyer für eine nationale Wachstumsstrategie, in: Österreichische Nationalbank, Geldpolitik und Wirtschaft, Q1, Wien, 2004
EU and EMU Entry - A Monetary Policy Regime Change for Austria? In: Monetary Policy and the Economy, No. 2, OeNB, 2005