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Mag. Eva BUCHINGER Senior researcher at the ARC systems research GmbH


 Studied Philosophy, History and Sociology
 Degree in Sociology (Mag. Phil.) from the University of Vienna.
1987 joined ARCS
 Eva Buchinger has been working on technological innovation with a focus on systems related issues such as innovation systems, knowledge generation and knowledge diffusion, social systems theory, technology policy, sustainability and quality of life.


Board member of the ÖGS Austrian Sociological Association
Editorial board member of the sociological journal ÖZS (Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie)
Editorial board member of the interdisciplinary journal "Wissenschaft & Umwelt"
Speaker of the research group "Sociology of Technology and Science" of the ÖGS


2002 Buchinger, E. Gesellschaftliche und individuelle Aspekte im Umgang mit Haushaltsabfall: Gesellschaftssysteme und Lebenswelt. Wissenschaft & Umwelt 2002/5, 15-25. (Societal and Individual Aspects of Household Waste Treatment: Functional Systems and Lifeworld Perspective)
2002 Buchinger, E. Developments in Austrian Science and Technology Policy. In: Bell, E./ Gokhberg L./ Schuch, K. (ed.) Dialogue on S&T between the European Union and the Russian Federation. Centre for Science Research and Statistics, Moscow , ISBN 5-7602-0121-2
2003 Buchinger, E. Technik und Gesellschaft: Evolutionäre Betrachtungen einer folgenreichen Beziehung. In: Meleghy, T./ Niedenzu, H.-J. (Hg.) Die Evolutionstheorie und die Sozialwissenschaften. Wiesbaden: Westdeutscher Verlag (Innovation, Evolution and Society: Oberservations guided by the Theory of Social Systems.)
2004 Buchinger, E./ Wagner, P. Evaluation results of the Austrian technology transfer programme TechnoKontakte. Plattform Forschungs- und Technologieevaluierung Nr. 20.