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Dr. Evelyn BERGSMANN Quality Manager, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna


since 2008 Research Assistant, Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna
since 2014 Quality Manager for Higher Education, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna


Member of the Quality Management and Quality Development Network of the Austrian Universities


Bergsmann E., Schultes M.-T., Winter P., Schober B., Spiel C.: Evaluation of competence-based teaching in higher education: From theory to practice, Paper submitted to the Journal Evaluation and Program Planning, 2014
Bergsmann E., Lüftenegger M., Jöstl G., Schober B., Spiel C.: The role of classroom structure in fostering students school functioning: A comprehensive and application-oriented approach. Learning and Individual Differences, 26, 2013, 131-138
Bergsmann E., van de Schoot R., Schober B., Finsterwald M., Spiel C.: The effect of classroom structure on verbal and physical aggression among peers: A longitudinal study. Journal of School Psychology, 51, 2013, 159-174
Bergsmann E., Spiel C.: Context, Standards and Utilisation of Evaluation in Austrian Federal Ministries, In: Fouquet A., Measson L. (Eds.): L'évaluation des politiques publiques en Europe. Cultures et futurs/Policy and Programme Evaluation in Europe, Cultures and Prospects, Grenoble, L'Harmattan, 2009, 187-198