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Dr. Francois SIGAUX Director, University Institute of Hematology, Paris 7 University Director, Ph.D School "Biology et Biotechnology", Paris 7 University


1986-1996 Director of the Molecular Biology Laboratory (Paris 7 University)
1989-2005 University Professor (1st level) (Hematology, Paris 7 University)
1993-2004 Director of Ph.D program "Fundamental Basis of Oncogenesis" (Paris 7- Paris 11 Universities)
1997-2004 Director of the Inserm 462 Unit "Lymphocyte and Cancer"
2000-2003 Member of the National University Council
2000-2004 Scientific director of the Ph.D School "Biology et Biotechnology" (B2T, Paris 7 University)
from 2004 Director of the University Institute of Hematology (Paris 7 University)