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Dr. FSO. Friedrich BECHINA Member of the Board, Bologna Follow-up Group; Under Secretary, Congregation for Catholic Education, Holy See; Vatican


1972-1985 School Education Vienna
1985-1991 Military Service (Officer) and University Studies in Economy, Philosophy and Theology (Mag. Theol) in Vienna
1991-1996 Postgraduate Studies and Doctorate in Theology, Gregoriana-University Rome
1997-2001 School teacher and pastoral service in Feldkirch
2001 Service at the Congregation for Catholic Education (Holy See - Vatican)
2007-2013 Head of department for International Relations and Higher Education Policy
2012-2015 Co-Chair of the BFUG working group on Structural Reforms in the EHEA
2013 Undersecretary of the congregation for Catholic Education
since 2014 Co-President of the Bologna Process Follow-up Group (BFUG)


Steering Committee of the Council of Europe for Policy and Practice of Education (CDPPE)
Board of Directors of the Quality Assurance Agency AVEPRO, Vatican
Steering Committee of the Asia Pacific Recognition Convention (UNESCO)
ENIC-NARIC network and Committee of the Lisbon Recognition Convention (CoE & UNESCO)


Die Kirche als Familie Gottes im II. Vatikanischen Konzil, Rom, 1997
Auf dem Weg zur Qualitätskultur. Kirchliche Hochschulstudien vor den Herausforderungen einer Audit Society, ET-Studies, 2012
Bergan S., Bechina F.: Freiheit der Wissenschaft und Universitätsautonomie als fundamentale akademische Werte, 2013
Katholisch-Theologische Fakultäten zwischen Autonomie der Universitäten und kirchlicher Bindung, 2013