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Futuma Musa AFRAH Speaker, Consultant, Human Rights Activist, Berlin


 - Bachelor in Development Studies,Mount Kenya University, Nairobi, Kenya
 - Diploma in Project Management, Atlas College, Nairobi, Kenya
 - Diploma in community Development and Counselling, Mombasa Polytechnic University College, Mombasa, Kenya
2007 Translator (Somali-English), manured Law Court, Mandera, Kenya
2008 Food Distribution Field Supervisor, Consortium of Cooperating Partners, Duties and Responsibilities
2009-2010 Save the children, child protection Dadaab Refugee camp, Kenya
2011-2012 Protection Officer, Intersom Relief Aid and Aid Vision, Mogadishu, Somalia
2012-2014 Social worker, Terre Des Hommes, Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya
since 2014 Voluntary work in refugee camps (empowerment workshops, speeches, translation for Newcomers, get together events with Newcomers and the host community)
since 2015 Keynote and motivational speaker
Freelance consultant, nationally and internationally (focus areas: integration of Newcomers into the labour market, community building, women and human rights, empowerment, project monitoring and evaluation, gated communities)
since 2016 Project work with compassorange GmbH (Focus areas: Refugees/Newcomers, integration and diversity)
 Areas of Work
 - Consulting in the field of diversity, integration, Newcomers/refugees, women empowerment, human rights, project evaluation, community building, child protection, gated communities
 - Speaker (keynote and motivational), topics related to Newcomers/refugees, integration, empowerment of Newcomers, gated community, political activism