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Dr. Gernot TILZ Head of the Clinical Immunology Unit, Jean Dausset Laboratorium, Karl-Franzens-Univerist├Ąt Graz


 Student of the Physician of Queen Elizabeth, The Dean of Westminster Medical School, Sir Richard Bayliss
 Graduation with distinction as "Doctor Medicinae Universae" at Graz University
 Demonstrator of Physiology, Assistant at Graz University, Pasteur Institute Paris, Professor of Medicine at Graz University Medical School
 Researcher at Scripps Clinic La jolla ( University of San Diego), University of Washington, London, Paris and Montpellier
 Founder of the hitherto non existing medical discipline Clinical Immunology in Graz, first bone transplanter in Austria with Mutz and Urban
 Head of the Clinical Immunology Unit, Jean Dausset Laboratorium