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Ph.D. Gregory LA BLANC Faculty and Executive Leadership Directory, University of Berkeley, California


 Gregory La Blanc is the Chair of the Berkeley-Haas Professional Faculty and a Lecturer at the Haas School, Berkeley Law School, and the Department of Economics at Berkeley. He heads up the Haas Data Science Initiative and Berkeley’s Fintech Institute and is the academic director of the Amena Center and instructor in Berkeley’s VC Deal Camp and Blockchain Bootcamp. The recipient of numerous teaching awards, including the Haas Cheit Award, he teaches classes in law, innovation, strategy, technology and data. He is a graduate of the Wharton School, and studied law at Duke University, George Mason University, and UC Berkeley School of Law. He has consulted in the areas of innovation, decision making, risk management, and strategy around the world. He has advised numerous startups, particularly in Fintech, AI, and people operations. His research lies at the intersection of law, innovation and the use of data in rapidly changing industries.
 Companies he has worked with: Alibaba (China), Facebook, Google, Avaya, VMWare, British Telecom (UK), China Telecom (China), Zynga, Orange Telecom (France), Genentech, Cisco, Oracle, Salesforce