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Gudrun SCHYMAN Member of Swedish Parliament and Founder of Feministiskt Initiativ, Stockholm


1970-1988 working as a social-worker and in periods 1977-1985 also with documentary films.
 Since 1988 former leader of the Socialist Left Party, member of the Swedish Parliament (Riksdagen) where she has been a member of, among others, the standing committees for culture, social well-fare and for foreign affairs. She is trained as a social worker, specialized in municipal social care services in general and child abuse and victims of incest in particular.
 Since the early 1980s Schyman has been active in the Swedish and international peace movement.
1992 Gudrun Schyman became an adviser in the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF) and a member of the board in 2003 and an adviser again in 2005.
2003-2004 Schyman has emphasised - both in the Parliament and outside - the feminist dimension of politics and social affairs in general and in security politics in particular. She was the chairperson of the Swedish branch of Women Without Borders - Kvinnor Utan Gränser, KUG.
2003 She launched a multi-year democracy and public education project that aims to de-construct the patriarchal order and lead our gender-split society into one humanity.
2004 Schyman resigned from her party, to concentrate fully on feminism, security and related matters as well as raising public awareness about them.
2005 she started Feministiskt Initiativ.