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Han VRIJLING Professor of Hydraulic & Probabilistic Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, CN Delft


1972-1974 Delft Technical University, Teacher Applied Mechanics
1974 Finished masters study at Delft University of Technology
1974-1977 Royal Adriaan Volker Group, Project engineer Design Construction Manager (Saudi Arabia)
1977-1980 Royal Volker Stevin Group, Senior engineer Design
  engineering office of the Adriaan Volker Group he was seconded to the Easternscheldt storm surge barrier
  project. In this project Mr. Vrijling developed the probabilistic approach to the design of the barrier
1980 Received masters degree in Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam; After a short period at the
1980-1987 Manager of Research Storm Surge Barrier Oosterschelde, MTPW
1986 Became deputy head of the Hydraulic engineering branch of the Civil Engineering Division of Rijkswaterstaat
1986-1990 Deputy Head, Hydraulic Engineering Branch of the Locks and Weirs Division, MTPW
  Weirs Division, MTPW
1987-1988 Interim Head of the Planning, Economics and Costing Section, Hydraulic Engineering Branch of the Locks and
1990-1995 Head of Structural Research Branch of the Civil Engineering Division, Ministry of Transport and Public Works
1980-1989 Delft University of Technology, Scientific Officer Hydraulic & Coastal Engineering
since 1989 Delft University of Technology, Professor Hydraulic & Coastal Engineering