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Dr. Hans Peter SCHWARZ Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Vienna Vice President R&D Austria, Therapeutic Proteins, Baxter Hyland Immuno


 studied Medicine at the University of Vienna
1988 Assistant Professor of Medicine, II. Department of Medicine, University of Vienna
1988-1995 Head, Clinical Research, Hemostasis and Thrombolysis. Immuno AG, Vienna
1995-1997 Head, Biomedical Research, Vascular Biology, Immuno AG, Vienna
1997 Associate Professor of Medicine ("Ao.Univ.Prof."), University of Vienna
1997-1998 Director, R&D, Blood Products and Therapeutic Proteins, Immuno AG, Vienna
1998-2000 Vice President, Global R&D, Plasma Proteins, Baxter AG (former Immuno AG), Vienna
 Seit 2001 Vice President R&D Austria, BioPharmaceuticals, Baxter AG, Vienna