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Dr. med. Helmut BRAND Jean Monnet Professor of European Public Health, Maastricht University, Maastricht; President, European Health Forum Gastein


1978-1984 Study of Medicine (Medical Doctor MD), University of Düsseldorf; University of Zürich 1984 PhD in Medicine, University of Düsseldorf 1985-1987 Clinical training in internal medicine, surgery and psychiatry 1987-1988 Master of Science in Community Medicine, University of London, Faculty of Medicine, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in cooperation with London School of Economics (LSE) 1988-1993 Social Medicine, Public Health, District Health Authority Minden-Lübbecke 1990 Pilot Study for the Cancer Registry of Lower Saxony, Ministry of Health Lower Saxony 1991 Specialist in Public Health and Social Medicine, Germany 1993-1995 Health Systems Analysis, Cancer Registry, Public Health Reporting, Medical Statistics, Ministry of Health Hamburg since 1994 Advisor in Public Health and Social Medicine to the European Commission (e.g. DG Sanco, Office of the European Policy Advisors) since 1995 Projects in the Public Health Programme of the European Union since 1995 (European) Health Policy, lectures at various Universities and Summer Schools in Europe and the Balkans 1995-2007 Director of the Institute of Public Health, North Rhine Westphalia 1996 Postgraduate Diploma, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in Community Medicine (DLSHTM) 2006-2008 Leader of the "Health System Working Party" of the Public Health Programme 2007-2008 Managing Director of the Epidemiological Cancer Registry, North Rhine Westphalia 2008 Scientific Director, Institute of Health and Work, North Rhine Westphalia (LIGA) since 2008 Professor of European Public Health, Maastricht University