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Hidajet BISCEVIC Secretary General, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), Sarajevo


 Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb: International Politics and Journalism
1985 - 1989 Editor at the Foreign Affairs Section, the Vjesnik daily;
1990 - 1992 Editor-in-Chief of the Vjesnik daily;
1992 Ambassador at MFA, Adviser to the Minister;
Head of Department for Asian and Arab countries at MFA;
1993 - 1995 Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, accredited to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan;
1995 - 1997 Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs;
1997 - 2002 Croatian Ambassador to the Russian Federation;
2003 State Secretary for Political Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration;
 May 2007 Appointed Secretary General of the Regional Co-operation Council
 Professional experience
 Co-ordinator for the South East European Co-operation Process (SEECP) during the Croatian Chairmanship-in-Office 2006/2007;
 Active participation in bilateral and multilateral forums in South Eastern Europe;
 Contribution to the issues of regional co-operation in South East Europe, including intensive co-operation with the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe during 2006/2007;
 Active participation in international conferences on the Bosnia-Herzegovina Peace Accord, 1994/95;
 Foreign affairs correspondent, columnist, journalist and diplomat with assignments and wide experience in European affairs, South Eastern European issues and relations, Euro-Asian relations, international security and Euro-Atlantic co-operation:
 As journalist, observer, envoy and diplomat participated in numerous international conferences and sessions.


'EU for YOU - Functioning of the EU (Croatian Edition 2006), authors: Hidajet Bis evi, Wolfgang Böhm, Otmar Lahodynsky;
Strategy of Chaos, a book on the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, 1988;
In the Name of Allah, a book on the Iranian Islamic revolution, 1982;
Blood On the Water, a book on the Iraq-Iran war, 1988;
Time of Decision - A Palestinian Issue, 1989;
Numerous articles and political essays on international security and co-operation issues.