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Mag. Jacqueline KORNMÜLLER Artist, "Das Weltdorf", Vienna


 Jacqueline Kornmüller is a germanspeaking theatre-and filmdirector. She studied History, History of Art and New German Literature at the Ludwig Maximiliian University in Munich. In 1986 she changed to the "Folkwang Schule" for music, theatre and dance in Essen, and finally graduated with a diploma.
 Her first engagement lead her to the theatres of Cologne, where she worked with directors such as Dimiter Gotscheff, Günter Krämer, Georges Tabori, Hans Michael Rehberg and Mauricio Kagel and direted her first plays. From 1998 to 2000 she worked as an director in Lübeck, then Friedrich Schirmer invited her in to the state theatre of Stuttgart. She worked there until 2005 as a staff director, then she changed with Schirmer to the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg 2007. In 2008 she moved to Vienna and started with the preperatory work for a first documentary picture. 2009 she founded the theatregroupe wenn es soweit ist together with Peter Wolf. She invented the concept and the idea of the project "Ganymed Boarding", which she produced with Peter Wolf as a coproduction of wenn es soweit ist with the Kunsthistorischem Museum of Vienna. In September 2011 she invented the concept and the idea of the documentary projekt "Die Reise- A Project for 30 Immigrants", a coproduction of wenn es soweit ist and Volkstheater, Wien. For this work she received the Dorothea Neff Prize for best director.