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Jakob SCHAAD Vice Director, Head Strategic Analysis of Politics, Research Director Effective Infrastructure and Markets, Avenir Suisse, Zurich


1989-1992 Research Assistant, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich
1991 Master in Economics at University of Zurich
1992-1995 Research Assistant and subsequently Scientific Employee, Socioeconomic Institute, University of Zurich
1996 PhD Thesis at the Institute of Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich (Prof. Heidi Schelbert and Prof. Mark Hauser) on “Specific Human Capital and the Stability of Work Relations”
1996-2004 Several positions at the Swiss National Bank in Zurich and the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C., USA
2004-2006 Senior Advisor to Swiss Executive Director Fritz Zurbrugg, International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C., USA
2006-2007 Member of Management, Swiss National Bank in Zurich, International Monetary Relations
2007-2011 Economic Policy Advisor to Federal Councilor and subsequently President Doris Leuthard, Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs
2011-2015 Deputy CEO and Head Financial Markets International, Swiss Banking Association
2016 Deputy CEO and Head Private Banking & Asset Management, Swiss Banking Association