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Dr. James A. THOMSON President and Chief Executive Officer, Research and Development Corporation (RAND), Santa Monica, CA


1967-1969 Purdue University, M.Sc. in Physics
1969-1972 Purdue University, Ph.D. in Physics
1972-1974 University of Wisconsin, Post-doctoral research associate in experimental nuclear physics
1974-1977 Office of the Secretary of Defense, The Pentagon
1977-1981 National Security Council, The White House
1981-1986 Director of RAND's National Security Strategies research program in Project AIR FORCE
1983-1984 Director of RAND's International Security and Defense Policy program
1984-1989 Vice President and responsible for the Project AIR FORCE division, The RAND Corporation
since 1989 President and Chief Executive Officer, The RAND Corporation


Council on Foreign Relations, New York, Member
International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, Member
Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Trustee
AK Steel Corporation and Object Reservoir, Director


Author of more than 35 articles, these include:
"U.S. Interests and the Fate of the Alliance", Survival, The IISS Quarterly, Vol. 45, No. 4, Winter 2003-04
Must All Join? America, 1788; Europe, 2004, RAND, September 2004
"Les Arcanes Du College Electoral Americain," Le Figaro, October 14, 2004
Iraq: Translating Lessons into Future DOD Policies, RAND, April 2005
"In Political Analysis, Just the Facts, Please," Op-Ed, The Hill, March 8, 2006


Honorary Doctor of Science, Purdue University, 1992
Honorary Doctor of Laws, Pepperdine University, 1996
Honorary Doctor of Science, University of New Hampshire, 2007