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Prof. Jan C.C. BORLEFFS Dean of Education, University Medical Center Groningen; Professor, Medical Education, University of Groningen


1978 MD at the University of Groningen
1982 PhD at the University of Leiden
1987 License as an internist in the University Medical Center Utrecht
 Initially, his clinical and research activities were predominantly in the field of immunology and HIV infection. During his professional carreer as an internist in Utrecht he became involved in undergraduate and postgraduate medical training gradually.
2000 Appointed as director of the medical training programs of the University Medical Center Utrecht
2005 Professor of medical education at the Utrecht University
2008 Moved to Groningen where he accepted an appointment as dean of education and professor of medical education at the University Medical Center Groningen
 Since 2003 Editor-in-Chief of the Netherlands Journal of Medical Education
 Other activities include memberships and chairmanship of several national committees of undergraduate and postgraduate medical training. In the field of education his main research interests are the link between undergraduate and postgraduate training (as measure to improve efficiency) and issues related to medical professionalism.


Dutch Society of Internal Medicine
Dutch Association of Physicians in AIDS care
Dutch Society for Medical Education
Association for Medical Education in Europe


Author of more than 90 publications in peer reviewed international journals and more than 70 papers in proceedings and contributions to scientific books.
Examples of key publications, representative for his carreer:
Schneider-MME, Hoepelman AIM, Eeftinck Schattenkerk JKM, Nielsen TL, Graaf Y van der, Frissen JPHJ, Ende IME van der, Kolsters AFP, Borleffs JCC. A controlled trial of aerosolized pentamidine or trimethoprim-sulphametoxazole prophylaxis against Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection. New Engl J Med, 1992;327:1836-1841.
Cohen Stuart JWT, Schuurman R, Burger DM, Koopmans PP, Sprenger HG, Juttmann JR, Richter C, Meenhorst PL, Hoetelmans RMW, Kroon FP, Bravenboer B, Hamann D, Boucher CAB, Borleffs JCC. Randomized trial comparing saquinavir soft gelatin capsules versus indinavir as part of triple therapy (CHEESE study). AIDS 1999;13:F53-F58.
Borleffs JCC, Custers, EJFM, van Gijn J, ten Cate ThJ. Clinical Reasoning Theater: a new approach to clinical reasoning education. Acad. Med. 2003;78:322-325.
Kamalski DMA, ter Braak EWMT, ten Cate OThJ, Borleffs JCC. Early clerkships. Med Teach 2007;29:915-920.
Rademakers, JJDJM, Muijsenbergh METC van den, Slappendel G, Lagro-Janssen ALM, Borleffs JCC. Sexual harassment during clinical clerkships in Dutch medical schools. Med Educ 2008;42:452-458.