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M.Sc. Jan Wouter VASBINDER Director, Para Limes, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


1972-1975 Research and Development Engineer, N.V. KEMA, Arnhem, Netherlands
1973 M.Sc.Physics/Nuclear Engineering;, Delft Technical University
1975-1977 Member of the Management Team first nuclear Power Plant in Israel Manager - Core Engineering Section, Israel Electric Corporation, Haifa, Israel
1976 Nuclear Fuel Management, Technion, Haifa
1977-1978 Nuclear Systems Engineer, Nuclear Inspectorate, the Hague, Netherlands
1978 Nuclear Waste Management, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1978-1981 Deputy Head of Nuclear Energy, Department at Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Hague, Netherlands
1981-1985 Science Counselor, Dutch embassy in Washington DC (US) and Ottawa (Canada)
1985-1991 Manager Information Science at Semi Government Institute
1991-1995 Senior Partner/Director Consultium BV, Driebergen, Netherlands
1995-2011 Director Prisma & Partners
since 2011 Director Complexity Program, Nanyang Technological University


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J.W. Vasbinder, Th.P. Groen: Between Guts and Glory, how the Dutch knowledge economy became a success in 2011, Kemper Conseil Publishing, 2004
J.W. Vasbinder, Th.P. Groen: Between knowledge and profit, how our society can get more out of knowledge, Prisma & Partners, 2003
J.W. Vasbinder, Th.P. Groen: Knowledge, People and Organization, Kemper Conseil Publishing, 2000