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Dr. Jean-Pierre LEHMANN IMD Lausanne, Founding Director, The Evian Group


 Jean-Pierre Lehmann was born in 1945, of French nationality. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, Washington DC, and his doctorate from Oxford. Since January 1997 Jean-Pierre Lehmann has been Professor of International Political Economy at International Institute for Management Development IMD in Lausanne.
 Prior to joining IMD, his career, which has included academe, journalism and strategic consulting, over the years has encompassed activities in virtually all Asian and Western European countries, as well as North America. Recently he has also managed projects in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey, Egypt and Kenya.
 In 1995 he founded the Evian Group, a forum and think tank composed of a coalition of business, government and opinion leaders from both North and South, committed to an open, inclusive, equitable and robust world economic agenda.
 He has also been involved in working with and founding a number of professional groups composed of the next generation of global leaders for whom the stakes are high in light of the pretty appalling legacy the current generation of global leaders is likely to leave behind.


He is actively engaged in different capacities in global public policy forums, as well as serving as advisor to educational institutions, international organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and multinational firms throughout the world and serves on the editorial board of several journals.


He is the author of several books, numerous articles and reports on modern Asian history, global governance and the international political economy.