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Dr. Johannes DE JONGE Head of External Relations, Political Affairs Directorate of the Council of Europe


1951-1957 Secondary Education
1957-1958 Assistant Accountant
1958-1964 Studies in social sciences at the University of Groningen
1964 Degree in social sciences (main optional subject economics)
1964-1966 Military service in the Netherlands land forces (Lieutenant) (assigned to the Department of Sociology and Statistics
  of the Ministry of Defence)
1965-1967 Teacher of sociology at the Technical College of The Hague
1966-1967 Research Assistant at the Centre for Scientific Management at the Technological University of Delft, Netherlands
1978-1989 Teaching of international economic relations at the Institute of Political Studies of the University of
  Strasbourg, France
1985 Chairman of the Dutch Association of Strasbourg
1967 Council of Europe:
  1967 - 1968 Assistant Secretary of the Political Affairs Committee;
  1968 - 1973 Assistant Secretary, later Co-Secretary, of the Committee on Social and Health Questions and on Population
  and Refugees
  1973 - 1988 Secretary of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Development.
  1973 - 1977 Member of the Staff Committee of the Council of Europe (Vice-Chairman: 1975-1977).
  1980 - 1991 Elected member of the Advisory Committee on Disputes of the Council of Europe.
  1988 - 1995 Appointed Head of Division in the Office of the Clerk of the Parliamentary Assembly with overall responsibility
  for Committees on:
  - (i) Economic and Development Questions;
  - (ii) Migration, Refugees and Demography;
  - (iii) Agriculture.
  Also for the Strasbourg Conferences on Parliamentary Democracy.
  1995 Head of External Relations, Political Affairs Directorate of the Council of Europe.
  1998 Appointed Chairman of the Disciplinary Board of the Council of Europe
  1999 Director of External Relations, Directorate General of Political Affairs


Honorary member of the International Institute for Democracy


27 April 2001: Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau