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John D. STEMPEL Director, University of Kentucky, Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce


 23 yr career in the United States Foreign Service, with overseas assignments in Africa, Iran and India, conclucing with three years as Consul General in Madras
 Washington assignments including Director, U.S. State Dept. Crisis Center and director of MidEast Affairs in the U.S. Defense Dept.
1988-93 Associate Director
1993-present Director and Professor, University of Kentucky Patterson School of Diplomacy


New York Council on Foreign Relations
District Export Council for Kentucky
International Studies Association
American Foreign Service Association


Faith, Diplomacy, and the International Systen. Univ. of Leicester 2001
Error, folly and Political Intelligence. IJICI, Fall, 267-81. 1999
Inside the Iranian Revolution. Indiana Univ. Press 1981
Theory and Practice in Foreign Affairs. Mershon Center 1972


U.S. State Department Distinguished Service Award