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Dr. Joris VAN BLADEL Independent Consultant and Strategic Advisor, Antwerp


1985-1989 MA in Military and Social Sciences, Royal Military Academy, Brussels 1989-2006 Spec Ops Officer in the Belgian Armed Forces 1992-1996 MA in East European languages and cultures, Slavic studies, State University of Gent 1992-2004 Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences, Royal Military Academy 1997-2002 Associate of the interim team of Mr. Chris Donnelly, special advisor to the Secretary General for Central and Eastern European Affairs at NATO 1997-2004 Doctor in the Arts, State University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2001 Visiting Scholar, CREES - Center for Russian and East European Studies, University of Toronto 2004 Guest lecturer, Department of History, State University Gent 2007 Guest Researcher, Silk Road Program, Eurasian Department, Uppsala University 2009-2010 Guest Researcher, Faculty of Humanities, Department of European Studies (History, Archeology and Region Studies), University of Amsterdam 2011 Guest Researcher, Research Division Russian Federation/CIS, SWP - Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin 2012 Independent Consultant and Strategic Advisor