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Dipl.-Ing. Joze SMOLE Secretary General, Association of Employers of Slovenia, Ljubljana


1982 Plant engineer, technologist in textile mill, technologist in technical development sector in Svila, working organization 1985-1997 Habilitated assistant and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Maribor 1993-1998 General Manager of the company Svila. d.d. 1998-2000 State Secretary for small economy at the Monastery of small economy and tourism 1990 Elected to the Slovenian Parliament at the first multi - party Government elections since 2000 Secretary of the association for textile, clothing and leather industry at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia 200-2006 Habilitated senior lecturer at Gea College 2002-2003 Advisor of the President of the Chamber of Commerce for regional development 2003-2008 Head of social dialogue negotiation group of Chamber of Commerce2008 - Secretary General of the Association of Employers of Slovenia