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Dr. Eng. Arch. Karolina M. ZIELINSKA-DABKOWSKA Lighting Architect and Researcher, Designs4People, Gdansk and Zurich; Lecturer, Architectural Lighting Design, Hochschule Wismar


2004-2005 Fisher Marantz Stone Partners, New York/USA, Junior Lighting Designer
2005-2007 Speirs and Major Lighting Architects, London/UK, Senior Designer / Project Manager
2008-2012 Light Bureau Limited, London/UK, Associate / Team Leader
since 2012 Designs-4-People [d4p], Gdansk/PL, Principal Lighting Designer / Founder
2013 Reflexion AG, Zürich/CH, Senior Lighting Designer / Team Leader
2014-2015 Lecturer, Hochschule Wismar, University of Technology, Business and Design Wismar/D Faculty of Architecture and Design, Architectural Lighting Design


Professional Lighting Designer's Association (PLDA), 2009-2014
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Membership Number: 20011889
International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)
International Commission of Illumination (CIE), Poland National Committee
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
Society of Light and Lighting (SLL)


Zielinska - Dabkowska K.M. (2013) To light or not to light: Exterior illumination of tall buildings and bridges and its negative impact on the life of birds and fish - what professional lighting designers need to know, Professional Lighting Design (PLD) Magazine, no. 91, pp. 38-43.
Zielinska - Dabkowska, K.M. (2014) Lighting Masterplan for the Porto Montenegro project as a solution to minimize the negative effects of illumination on the external environment Proceedings of XXIII National Lighting Conference,
Lighting Technology, Warsaw/PL. Polski Komitet O [wietleniowy SEP, Warszawa/PL Technika Zietlna, pp. 211-218., ISSN: 1506-6223.
Zielinska - Dabkowska, K.M. (2014) Urban city lights. Light pollution as one of the effects of incorrectly designed external illumination. How can a successful lighting masterplan diminish its impact?, Proceedings of SLLP 2014, 1st International Conference on Sustainable Lighting and Light Pollution, Seoul/KR. Korea Society of Light and Lighting and Visual Environment Seoul/KR, pp. 59-67. ISBN: (print) 978-3-7983-2636-1, ISBN: (online) 978-3-7983-2637-8.
Zielinska - Dabkowska, K.M. (2014) Critical Perspectives On Media Architecture: Is It Still Possible To Design Projects Without Negatively Affecting Urban Nighttime Environments And Will The Future Remain Dynamic, Bright And Multi-Colored?, Proceedings of MAB14 the 2nd Media Architecture Biennale Conference: World Cities, The Association for Computing Machinery [ACM], New York/USA, pp. 101-108., ISBN: 978-1-4503-3302-3. DOI:10.1145/2682884.2682895.


PLD-R Professional Lighting Design Recognition Award, category: Best Daylighting and/ or Health Concept, 2007
1st (team) PrizeInternational Urban/City Design Competition organized by Birmingham City Council, 2009
Polish Prime Minister Research Award achievements in the area of science, research, technology and arts, Warszawa/PL, 2013
Nomination for the Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC) "Best Research" Award, Rome/I, 2015