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Dr. Katy HAYWARD Reader, Queen’s University Belfast


 Dr Katy Hayward is Reader in Sociology and a Fellow of the Senator George Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security & Justice in Queen’s University Belfast. She is also an Eisenhower Fellow (2019) and a Senior Fellow in the UK in a Changing Europe initiative - the UK’s leading academic think-tank on Brexit.
 Dr Hayward has 20 years’ research and teaching experience in border studies, British-Irish relations, EU integration, and the conflict/ peace process in Ireland. She is the author of over 200 publications, including a research report on the Irish border region Brexit at the Border (2018), the co-edited book Dynamics of Political Change in Ireland (2017) and co-authored report on UK Withdrawal and the Good Friday Agreement for AFCO in the European Parliament (2017).
 Katy has presented widely on the topic of Brexit to media, policy, civic and academic audiences, including through articles in the Guardian, the Times, the Irish Times, the Daily Telegraph and Prospect. She has given evidence before parliamentary committees in the UK and Ireland. Outside the University, she is a Board Member of the Centre for Cross Border Studies and Conciliation Resources.