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Ph.D. Larry LEIFER Director, Center for Design Research at Stanford and Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Program; Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford


1958-1962 B.S., Engineering Science, Stanford University
1963-1963 M.S., Mechanical Engineering Product Design, Stanford University
1964-1969 Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering (Neuroscience), Stanford University
1963-1964 Research Assistant, Mech. Engr., Stanford University
1964-1969 NIH pre-doc Fellow, Biomed. Engr., Stanford University
1970-1971 NAS post-doc Fellow, Biomed. Engr., NASA Ames Research Center
1972-1973 NASA exchange Fellow, Aero. Astro., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1974-1976 Assistant Professor, Biomed. Engr., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
1977-1988 Associate Professor, Mech. Engr., Stanford University
1977-1988 Associate Professor, Biomed. Engr., Neurology, by courtesy
1979-1989 Founding Director, Stanford-VA Rehabilitation R&D Center
1984 Founding Director, Stanford Center for Design Research
1988 Professor, Mech. Engr. Design, Stanford University
1989-1991 Co-Founder, CTO, Tolfa Corporation (now Lingraphicare America)
1997 Founding Director, Stanford University Learning Laboratory
2004 Founding Member, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford