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Leo KASERER Initiator, Rückenwind Strategy, Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour, Innsbruck


1994-1997 Diplomsozialarbeiter (Social worker), College of Higher Education Social Work, Innsbruck
1995 Volunteer, Comunitaria Ahora, Valdivia, Chile
1996-2001 Concept work and supervising for: Ahora, Valdivia; Casa de Acogida, San Pablo, and Fundacion ninos en la huella, Iquique, Chile; working with streetkids, Lima, Peru and La Paz,Bolivia
since 1997 Expert and social worker, Jugendwohlfahrt, Bezirkshauptmannschaft Innsbruck Land, Innsbruck
1997-2003 Director, Big Banana Youth Centre, Verein zur Förderung der Zirler Jugend, Zirl
1999-2000 Social worker on the train station: Homeless, drugs and prostitution, Bahnhofsozialdienst der Caritas, Innsbruck
2001 Director, Fundacion ninos en la huella, Iquique, Chile
2002 Supervision and Coaching, Institut für Gruppendynamik und Gruppentherapie, Vienna
2003-2006 Regional Coordinator, Youth Programme, Infoeck, Innsbruck
2005-2007 Training, TATEM - Training of Active Trainers in Euromed, Council of Europe and SALTO EUROMED RC
2006-2008 Project officer, Point Europa, Cawsand, UK
since 2005 Founder, Rückenwind-Strategy, Innsbruck
since 2009 Lecturer, Social Area Analysis, MCI, University Innsbruck
since 2010 External Expert, Assessments of Grant applications, trainings and monitoring visits, British Council