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Leo KASERER Initiator, Rückenwind Strategy, Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour, Innsbruck


1994-1997 Diplomsozialarbeiter (Social worker), College of Higher Education Social Work, Innsbruck
1995 Volunteer, Comunitaria Ahora, Valdivia, Chile
1996-2001 Concept work and supervising for: Ahora, Valdivia; Casa de Acogida, San Pablo, and Fundacion ninos en la huella, Iquique, Chile; working with streetkids, Lima, Peru and La Paz,Bolivia
since 1997 Expert and social worker, Jugendwohlfahrt, Bezirkshauptmannschaft Innsbruck Land, Innsbruck
1997-2003 Director, Big Banana Youth Centre, Verein zur Förderung der Zirler Jugend, Zirl
1999-2000 Social worker on the train station: Homeless, drugs and prostitution, Bahnhofsozialdienst der Caritas, Innsbruck
2001 Director, Fundacion ninos en la huella, Iquique, Chile
2002 Supervision and Coaching, Institut für Gruppendynamik und Gruppentherapie, Vienna
2003-2006 Regional Coordinator, Youth Programme, Infoeck, Innsbruck
2005-2007 Training, TATEM - Training of Active Trainers in Euromed, Council of Europe and SALTO EUROMED RC
2006-2008 Project officer, Point Europa, Cawsand, UK
since 2005 Founder, Rückenwind-Strategy, Innsbruck
since 2009 Lecturer, Social Area Analysis, MCI, University Innsbruck
since 2010 External Expert, Assessments of Grant applications, trainings and monitoring visits, British Council
since 2013 Project coordination, Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour, Innsbruck