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MA, LLM Lulzim Xhelal BASHA Mayor of Tirana and Former Minister of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Tirana


1993-1997 Studies in Law, qualification as lawyer (Meester in de Rechten equivalent to LLM), specialized on Public European and International Law, the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
1998-1999 Member of Investigation Team of war crimes of Serbian Forces in Kosovoa, International Tribunal of War Crimes in Former Yugoslavia, The Hague, The Netherlands
2000-2001 Legal advisor, Justice Department, UNMIK, Prishtina, Kovovo
2001-2002 Deputy Chief of Staff of the Director of Justice Department, UNMIK, Prishtina, Kosovo
2002-2005 Special advisor for Transition, Department of Justice, UNMIK, Prishtina, Kosovo
2005-2007 Minister of Public Works & Transport & Telecommunication, Ministry of PW&T&T, Tirana, Albania
2007-2009 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tirana, Albania
 Since 2011 Mayor of Tirana, Municipality of Tirana