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Malachi HACOHEN Fred W. Shaffer Assc. Professor of History, Duke University


1979 B.A. in History and Political Science, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
1982 M.A. History, Columbia University
1983 M. Phil. History, Columbia University
1984-86 Adjunct Lecturer, New York University
-88 Preceptor, Contemporary Civilization, Columbia University
1986-88 Adjunct Lecturer in History, Cooper Union College
1989-93 Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Humanities and Co-Chair of the History-Literature Program, Reed College
1993 Ph.D. in History, Columbia University, Thesis: "The Making of the Open Society: Karl Popper, Philosophy and Politics in Interwar Vienna"
1993-2000 Assistant Professor of History, Duke University
since 2000: Fred W. Shaffer Assc. Professor of History, Duke University
2001 Senior Fellow, Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften, Vienna, Austria


"Critical Rationalism, Logical Positivism, and the Poststructuralist Conundrum: Reconsidering the Neurath-Popper Debate" History of Philosophy and Science. Edited by M. Heidelberger and F. Stadler. Dordrecht, 2002 , pp. 307-324
"Karl Popper and the Viennese Origins of Cold War Liberalism" Kings College, Cambridge and Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Universität Wien, 2001.
"Karl Popper - The Formative Years, 1902 - 1945: Politics and Philosophy in Interwar Vienna" Cambridge University Press, 2000. (German translation in preparation)
"The Rebirth of Liberalism in Science and Politics: Karl popper, the Vienna Circle, and Red Vienna" Metropole Wien. Texturen der Moderne. Edited by R. Horak et al. 2. Vols, Vienna, 2000, II, pp. 146-179
"Dilemmas of Cosmopolitanism: Karl Popper, Jewish Identity, and 'Central European Culture'" Journal of Modern History, 71, March 1999, pp. 105-149
"From Viennese Progressivism to Postwar Atlantic Liberalism: Karl popper and Piecemeal Social Engineering", Karl Popper Institut, Wien, 1999.
"Karl Popper, the Vienna Circle, and Red Vienna" Journal of the History of Ideas, 59, October 1998, pp. 711-734.


2002 Herbert Baxter Adams Prize (best book in European history) for "Karl Popper - The Formative Years", American Historical Association.
2000-01 Thomas Langford Lectureship Award in recognition of interdisciplinary work, Duke University