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Dr. Manja KLEMENCIC Lecturer in Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Science, Harvard University; Editor-in-Chief, European Journal of Higher Education; Cambridge


1999-2001 Secretary General. European Students' Union, BRX
2001-2006 MPhil and PhD student, University of Cambridge
2003-2004 Fulbright Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Gov
2007-2008 Postdoc, Minda de Gunzburg Center, Harvard
2008-2010 Maternity leaves (2)
2010-2012 Postdoc, CEPS, University of Ljubljana
2010-2011 Visiting Scholar, CIHE, Boston College
2011-2012 Visiting Scholar, WZB, Berlin
2012-2013 Postdoc, Harvard Graduate School of Education
2013-2014 Postdoc in Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
since 2014 Lecturer in Sociology, Department of Sociology, FAS, Harvard


CHER - Consortium of Higher Education Researchers
SRHE - Society for Research into Higher Education
EAIR - European Association for Institutional Research
ASHE - Association for the Study of Higher Education


Student power in a global perspective. Studies in Higher Education 39(3), 2014
Klemencic M., Bergan S., Primozic R. (eds.): Student engagement in Europe: society, higher education and student governance, Forthcoming with Council of Europe Higher Education Series
Klemencic M., Brennan J.: Institutional Research in a European context: a forward look, European Journal of Higher Education 3(3), 2013
Klemencic M.,. Zgaga P.: Academic Inbreeding in Slovenia, In P. G. Altbach et al. (forthcoming) Academic inbreeding: causes and consequences, Palgrave


European Journal of Higher Education, Editor-in-Chief
Journal of Student Affairs in Africa, Editorial Board
Journal of Higher Education & Finance, Editorial Board
Consortium of Higher Education Researchers, Member of Governing Board