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Marc ELSBERG Bestselling Author and Pioneering Thinker, Vienna


 Marc Elsberg was born in Vienna in 1967. He was a columnist for the Austrian daily »Der Standard« as well as a strategy consultant and creative director for advertising in Vienna and Hamburg. In 2012 he made the breakthrough with his techno-thriller Blackout and he was awarded, among other things, with the prize for the Knowledge Book of the Year. His meticulously researched and enthralling written science thriller about the effects of a total power failure in Europe dominated for months the bestseller lists. In his thriller Zero, with the power of digital algorithms and the rise of big data, he once again picks up a hot topic that profoundly changes our way of seeing ourselves in the 21st century. His third book, Helix, was released in 2016, followed by Gier in 2019. Marc Elsberg lives and works in Vienna.


Elsberg M.: "GIER", 2019
Elsberg M.: "HELIX. Sie werden uns ersetzen.", 2016
Elsberg M.: "ZERO. Sie wissen, was zu tun ist.", 2014
Elsberg M.: "BLACKOUT. Morgen ist es zu spät.", 2012


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