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Marcello PALAZZI Global Ambassador, B Corps; Chairman, SIX, the worldwide social innovation exchange; Co-founder and President, Progressio Foundation, Amsterdam


1979-1981 BSc, Economics, University of Buckingham
1981-1993 Founder & Managing Director, Marton Diagnostics and Marton International, London
1983-1984 MSc, European Studies and International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
1985-1987 MBA, Business Administration and Management, London Business School
since 1989 Founder President, Progressio Foundation, Rotterdam
Initiated, or invited to, lead 300 projects in 30 countries in pursuit of 2 'civic enterprise & the civic economy'. Partnered with UN agencies, philantropies, businesses, governments, NGOs, investors and thought-leaders.
1993-1994 Co-Founder & Executive Director, Social Venture Network Europe
1996-1997 Visiting Lecturer, MBA Program, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
1996-1998 Development Director, New Academy of Business
2003-2004 Co-Founder, Spirit in Business, Zurich
2013 Advanced Leadership Fellow, Harvard University
since 2013 Executive Fellow Enterprise Acceleration, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
since 2014 Co-founder, B Lab Europe, Amsterdam
2015-2016 DCI Fellow, Entrepreneurship with Science & Technology focus, Standford University
since 2016 Chairman, SIX - Social Innovation eXchange, London
since 2017 Member of the Advisory Committee, DanoneWave
Global Ambassador, B Lab, Amsterdam


- RSA, London (Fellow)
- Impact Hub, Amsterdam
- Global Collaborators' Alliance, San Francisco
- Ethical Markets, USA


- Towards the civic economy, 1990
- Enterprising Europe, edited by Will Hutton and Nick Isles, London, 2000


- Member, Club of Rome, Switzerland
- Fellow, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
- Trustee, European Environment Foundation, Freiburg
- Member, Advisory Board, Nudge, the Global Impact Challenge, Netherlands