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Dr. Marco GERCKE Direktor, Cybercrime Research Institute GmbH, Köln


 Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke is an international expert in the field of law related to Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and ICT and for more than ten years advises governments and international organizations. He is director of the Cybercrime Research Institute -an independent global think tank dealing with legalaspects of Internet crime.
  Holding a PhD in criminal law with a focus on Cybercrime he is for several years teaching law related to Cybercrime, International Criminal Law and European Criminal Law at the University of Cologne and is visiting professor for International Criminal Law at the University of Macau. The focus of his research is on international aspects of law related to Cybercrime.
 In this respect he was and is working as an expert for several international organisations among them the Council of Europe, the European Union, the United Nations and the International Telecommunication Union. Marco assisted several countries in drafting Cybercrime legislation.
 Key elements of his research are the challenges related to the fight against Cybercrime and comparative law aspects in developing legal response in common law and civil law systems. The latest researches covered Legal Response to Terrorist use of the Internet, Identity Theft, Internaltional Cooperation in Fighting Identity-Theft, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing activities involving Internet technology and the responsibilityof Internet Service Providers.
 Marco is a frequent national and international speaker and author of more than 100 publications related to the topic Cybercrime. In addition to articles and books he published several studies including comparative law analysis for the Council of Europe and the International Telecommunication Union. His latest 225-page publication on Cybercrime was translated to all UN languages. Marco was co-chair of the working group set up by the Council of Europe to support the drafting of guidelines for the cooperation between law enforcement and internet service providers against cybercrime that were adopted at the 2008 Octopus Conference, member of the ITU High Level Expert Group and the UN Core Expert Group on Identity-related crime. He is member of the German Bar and Secretary of the Criminal Law Department of the German Society for Law and Informatics.