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Prof. Marek BELKA President, Narodowy Bank Polski, Warsaw


1972 M.A., Economics, Economics of Foreign Trade, University of Lodz
1978 Ph.D., Economics, (doctorate in economics), University of Lodz
1979 Fulbright Scholarship (post-doctoral programme), Columbia University
1985 American Council of Learned Societies Scholarship, University of Chicago
1986 Post Doctoral Degree, Economics, Habilitated Doctorate in Economics, University of Lodz
1990 Visiting Scholar, Center for Economic Policy Research, London School of Economics
1991 Visiting Scholar, Universität zu Köln (DAAD)
1987-1993 Head, Chair of Economic Theory, Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences
1973-1996 Lecturer, Professor (Tenured), University of Lodz
1993-1996 Director, Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
1994-1996 Vice-Chairman, Council of Socio-Economic Strategy, Council of Ministers
  Economic Adviser to the President of the Republic of Poland
since 1996 Consultant, World Bank
1996-1997 Chief Economic Advisor to the President of Poland
1997 Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Finance, Government of Poland
1997-2001 Advisor, Prime Minister of Albania
1998-2001 Chief Economic Advisor to the President of Poland
2001-2002 Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Finance, Coalition Provisional Authority, Baghdad, Iraq
2003 Chairman of the Council for International Coordination for Iraq
2003-2004 Director of Economic Policy, Coalition Provisional Authority, Iraq
2004-2005 Prime Minister of Poland
2006-2009 Executive Secretary, Economic Commission for Europe, United Nations
2009-2010 Director of the European Department, International Monetary Fund
since 2010 President of Narodowy Bank Polski; Chairman of the Monetary Policy Council
2011-2014 Steering Committee of the European Systemic Risk Board
since 2011 Chair, World Bank/IMF Development Committee
since 2012 Chair, Vienna 2.0 Initiative Steering Committee


Central Bank Governance Group at the BIS - Bank for International Settlements, since 2013