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Marek MORA Head of Cabinet of the Secretary General, Council of the European Union, Brussels


 After completing my studies at the University of Economics in Prague, I worked for a year in a private company (at that time No. 1 in its field - the sales of greeting cards). Then I left the Czech Republic and spent almost 11 years abroad. First in Germany: I did post-graduate studies in European economics at the Europa-Institute of the University of Saarland, doctoral studies at the Europa-Kolleg in Hamburg and worked at the University of Leipzig. In 1999, I spent 4 months in the USA (3 months as an intern in the World Bank, 1 month travelling). In 2003 I moved from Germany to Belgium when I joined the European Commission (DG ECFIN) as one of the first newcomers from the "new Member States". I stayed until September 2006, when I was asked to work for the Czech Government.
 I was for about a year Deputy Minister for Education (in the Czech system, a Deputy Minister could be a senior official - like me, not necessarily a politician) and then for 2,5 years in the Prime Minister's Office: as a Deputy to the Vice-Prime Minister (and after the collapse of the government in March 2009) to the Minister for European Affairs and then as Advisor the the Prime Minister. In all these positions, I was in charge of European affairs, in particular in the PM office where I had to prepare and then to conduct the Czech EU Presidency. My last important task in the Prime Minister's Office was to prepare the October 2009 European Council so that the Lisbon Treaty could be ratified in the Czech Republic. Since April 2010, I have taken my position as Head of Cabinet of the Secretary General of the European Union.