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Dr. Marko MUSULIN Founder and Managing Partner, DALE Investment Advisors GmbH, Vienna


1968-1972 Doctorate of Law, University of Vienna
1973-1976 Assistant Treasurer, International Division's Euroloans Department, Creditanstalt Bankverein, Vienna
1976-1979 Manager, Corporate Finance Division, European Banking Company, London
1979-1982 Senior Manager and Head of International New Issues Department, Creditanstalt Bankverein, Vienna; Secretary to the Board of Wirtschafts- und Privatbank, Z├╝rich
1983-1988 General Manager, Creditanstalt Bankverein, New York
1988-1995 Director, Securities/Investment Banking Division, Creditanstalt Bankverein, Vienna
1995-1997 Chairman, Executive Committee, Creditanstalt Investment Bank