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Mag. Markus WEIGL Geschäftsführer, Superfund Consulting GmbH, Wien


1988-1994 University of Vienna; Bachelor of Arts degree
1991-1992 Editor, Anchorman, Antenne Austria - Private Radio Station, Vienna
1993-1995 UTEC Vienna, Wiener Internationale Zukunftskonferenz: Administration, PR, Marketing
1995-2000 ABS Vermögensverwaltungsges.mbH Vienna: Sales assistant to Man Dir. Administration, PR
2000-2004 Superfund Asset Management GmbH; responsibilities included the areas legal and compliance, finance and controlling, as well as administration
since 2001 Director, Quadriga Superfund Sicav, Luxembourg
2004-2007 Managing Director, Superfund Group Monaco SAM, Monaco
since 2005 President, Superfund Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A, Warsaw
since 2007 Managing Director, Superfund Vermögensveranlagungs AG, Vienna