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Mag. Markus WEIGL Geschäftsführer, Superfund Consulting GmbH, Wien


1988-1994 University of Vienna; Bachelor of Arts degree
1991-1992 Editor, Anchorman, Antenne Austria - Private Radio Station, Vienna
1993-1995 UTEC Vienna, Wiener Internationale Zukunftskonferenz: Administration, PR, Marketing
1995-2000 ABS Vermögensverwaltungsges.mbH Vienna: Sales assistant to Man Dir. Administration, PR
2000-2004 Superfund Asset Management GmbH; responsibilities included the areas legal and compliance, finance and controlling, as well as administration
since 2001 Director, Quadriga Superfund Sicav, Luxembourg
2004-2007 Managing Director, Superfund Group Monaco SAM, Monaco
since 2005 President, Superfund Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A, Warsaw
since 2007 Managing Director, Superfund Vermögensveranlagungs AG, Vienna
since 2009 Managing Director, Superfund Consulting GmbH, Vienna


Member of European Commission Expert Group on Financial Education (EGFE), Brussels