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Dr. Mercedes BRESSO Member, European Parliament; Vice President, S&D Group, Brussels


since 1973 University lecturer in economic institutions, most recently at Turin Polytechnic University, specialising in environmental economics
1985-1995 Member of Piedmont Regional Council
1995-2004 President, Province of Turin
1998-2004 Member of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), Brussels
2000-2004 President, World Federation of United Cities (FMCU), Paris
2000-2004 President, Franco-Italian Alps Conference Association (CAFI), Turin
2000-2004 President of the Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas (METREX), London
2004 Founding President, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), Barcelona
2004-2005 Member, European Parliament, Brussels
2005-2008 President, European Union of Federalists (EUF), Den Haag
2005-2010 President, Piedmont Region, Turin
since 2005 Member, Committee of the Regions, Brussels
since 2006 President, Italian Association for the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (IACMER)
2006 Co-founder, Alps-Mediterranean Euroregion
2006-2010 President, PES Group at the Committee of the Regions
2007-2009 President, Mediterranean Commission of the UCLG
2009 President, Conference of Presidents of Regions with Legislative Powers (REGLEG)
since 2009 President, Association of Elected Representatives from Mountainous Areas(AEM)