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Michael JÄGER Secretary General, Taxpayers Association of Europe, Munich


1984-1991 Study of Business Economics, Germany
1985-1988 Self-employed
since 1991 Assistant to the Board, Bavarian Taxpayers Association
since 1996 PR director, Bavarian Taxpayers Association
Secretary General, Taxpayers Association of Europe
since 1997 Deputy Head, Unit of Budget and Communal Affaires, Bavarian Taxpayers Association
1998-2002 Managing Director, Jaeger Petrol and Administration Ltd
since 2009 Managing Director (Administration and Sections), European Economic Senate
since 2010 Managing Director, Jaeger EuroConsult


Founding member of the European Institute of Public Finance, Cologne, 1996
Auditor of the European Journalist Association, since 2000
Deputy Chairman of the European committee of the Bavarian Advisory Council, since 2001
Secretary General, German Section of the European Journalist Association (AJE), since October 2005
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee German Association of Financial and Budgetary Policy, since 2006
Member of Board, Entrepreneur Committee, Bavarian Advisory Council, since 2007
Municipal Council Neubiberg, since 2010


Recently published:
EU-Agenda Setting in Public Affairs, Brussels, December 2008
Create General Conditions! Tax Competition and Fighting Bureaucracy, Ingolstadt, 2008
Free Market Road Show, May 2009
European Resource Bank Meeting, Cutting Public Spending and EU-Lobbying, Marseille, August 2009