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Ph.D. Michael K. DORSEY Member, Club of Rome; Energy investor and equity partner, Univergy North America and Univergy - Think Green India, Detroit


1994-1996 Master studies, Environmental Policy, Yale University, New Haven
1996-1998 Master studies, Anthropology, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
since 1996 Co-Founder & Director, Center for Enviornmental Health, Oakland
1999-2005 PhD, Environmental Policy, University of Michigan
since 2017 Director, Univergy Solar/ThinkGreen, Hyderabad, India
since 2018 Advisor, Impact PPA, Washington D.C.


Environmental Leadership Programme, Founding Member, 1999-2004
President's Council on Sustainable Development, 1994-1996
Progress with Friends, since 2006
Club of Rome, since 2003


Dorsey, M. K. The poor won't thank you for killing off the diesel engine. City A.M., 22 Jan, 2018
Dorsey, M. K. Ban on selling new gas-fueled cars would have unintended (bad) consequences. San Jose Mercury News. 8 October, 2017
Dorsey, M. K. and Williams, J. Why Pollution Trading Will Never Be the Climate Solution for California—or Anywhere Else. Alternet. Independent Media Institute. 11 August, 2017
Dorsey, M. K. Forward. The Poisoning of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Limpio. 2016