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Ph.D. Michael L. SHULER James M. and Marsha McCormick Chair of Biomedical Engineering; Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca


1969 B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN)
1973 Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
1974-1979 Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Cornell University
1979-1983 Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Cornell University
1980-1981 Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle
1984-1991 Professor of Chemical Engineering, Cornell University
1985-1988 Founding Editor, Biotechnology Progress (Board since 1988)
1986-2006 Editorial Board, AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Journal
1988-1989 Visiting Prof., Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
since 1990 Editorial Board, Biotechnology and Bioengineering
1991-2001 Board of Directors, Phyton
since 1992 Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Chemical Engineering, Cornell University
since 1993 Director, Bioengineering Program
since 1994 Editorial Board, Enzyme and Microbial Technology
1995 Guest Professor, Institute for Biotechnology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
1996-2008 Editorial Board, Cambridge University Press
1998-2002 Director, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
2001-2003 Board of Directors, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
2002-2004 Director, Biomedical Engineering Program
since 2004 James and Marsha McCormick Chair of Biomedical Engineering
  Scientific Advisory Board, HuRel
2005-2008 Scientific Advisory Board, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore


National Academy of Engineering, 1989
American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Inaugural Fellow, 1992
American Academy of Arts and Science, 1996
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Fellow, 1997
American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow, 2007


Selected peer-reviewed publications (from 259 peer reviewed journal articles, 38 book chapters and 7 books):
Viravaidya, K. and Shuler, M.L.: Incorporation of 3T3-L1 Cells to Mimic Bioaccumulation in a Microscale Cell Culture Analog Device for Toxicity Studies. Biotechnol. Prog. 20:590-597, 2004
Tatosian, D.A., Shuler, M.L. and Kim, D.: Portable in situ fluorescence cytometry of microscale cell-based assays. Optics Letters 30(13):1689, 2005
Oh, Taek-il, Sung, J.H.; Tatosian, D.A.; Shuler, M.L. and Kim, D.: Real-Time Fluorescence Detection of Multiple Microscale Cell Culture Analog Devices in Situ. Cytometry Part A 71A:857-865, 2007
McAuliffe, G.J.; Chang, J.Y.; Glahn, R.P. and Shuler, M.L.: Development of a Gastrointestinal Tract Microscale Cell Culture Analog to Predict Drug Transport. MCB 5(2):119-132, 2008
Xu, Hui, Kraus, W.L. and Shuler, M.L.: Development of a Stable Dual Cell-Line GFP Expression System to Study Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 101(6):1276-1287, 2008
Frampton, J.P.; Shuler, M.L.; Shain, W. and Hynd, M.R.: Biomedical Technologies for In Vitro Screening and Controlled Delivery of Neuroactive Compounds. Central Nervous System Agents in Medicinal Chemistry 8:203-219, 2008
Tatosian, D.A. and Shuler, M.L.: A novel system for evaluation of drug mixtures for potential efficacy in treating multidrug resistant cancers. Biotechnol. Bioeng., 103:187-198, 2009
Sung, J.H.; Dhiman, A. and Shuler, M.L.: A combined pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) model for tumor growth in the rat with UFT administration. J. Pharm. Sci., 98:1885-1904, 2009
Mahler, G.J.; Shuler, M.L. and Glahn, R.P.: Characterization of Caco-2 and HT29-MTX co-cultures in an in vitro digestion/cell culture model used to predict iron bioavailability. J. Nutr. Biochem., 20:494-502, 2009
Sung, J.H. and Shuler, M.L.: A micro cell culture analog with 3-D hydrogel culture of multiple cell lines to assess metabolism-dependent cytotoxicity of anti-cancer drugs. Lab Chip, 9:1385-1394, 2009


Among others:
Excellence in Engineering Teaching Award, Cornell University, 1978
Marvin J. Johnson Award of the Microbial and Biochemical Technology Division of the ACS, 1986
AIChE Food, Pharmaceutical, and Bioengineering Division Award, 1989
AIChE Professional Progress Award for Outstanding Progress in Chemical Engineering, 1991
Amgen Award in Biochemical Engineering, 1997
AIChE Warren K. Lewis Award, 2003
Inaugural James E. Bailey Award, Society for Biological Engineering, 2005
Honorary Doctorate, University of Notre Dame, 2008