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Michael WARHURST Senior Resource Use Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Europe, Brussels


  MSc in Environmental Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, UK
  PhD (in the breakdown of chemicals by bacteria), University of Glasgow, UK
  BSc Biochemistry, University of York, UK
  Investigating the production of activated carbon from seed husks of the tree Moringa oleifera, for use in drinking water treatment in the developing world
1994-1996 Research Associate, University of Edinburgh
  Working on UK and EU chemical policy, leading Friends of the Earth Europe s work on the review of EU Chemicals policy, which later became the REACH chemicals regulation
1997-2002 Safer Chemicals Campaigner, Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), London, UK
  Leading WWF s work on EU chemicals policy, in particular the REACH chemicals regulation and the WWF  Detox campaign
2002-2005 Senior Toxics Programme Officer, WWF European Policy Office, Brussels
  Making the links between EU and US chemicals policy, including organising a conference on US chemicals policy
2005 Project Manager, Chemicals Policy Project, Lowell Centre for Sustainable Production in Massachusetts, USA
  Leading Friends of the Earth Europe s work on EU resources policy
  Leading Friends of the Earth Europe s work on the revision of the Waste Framework Directive
  Running Friends of the Earth s work on waste policy within the UK