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M.A., MBA Milen VELTCHEV Former Minister of Finance of Bulgaria, Sofia


1983-1988 MA in International Relations, University of national and world economy Sofia, Bulgaria
1990-1992 Attache, International Organizations Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sofia, Bulgaria
1992-1993 1st year of MBA degree study, Fulbright Scholarship holder, University of Rochester, Rochester, USA
1993-1995 MBA in Financial Engineering, Sloan School of Management, Holder of a World Bank Scholarship for his studies there; awarded a Teaching Assistantship to Professor Stuart Myers; studied under Prof. Rudiger Dornbusch and Prof. Franco Modigliani; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
1995-1999 Associate with Investment Banking in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Department, MERRILL LYNCH & CO. London, UK
1999-2001 Emerging Markets Vice President, MERRILL LYNCH & CO. London, UK
since 2001 Minister of Finance, Sofia, Bulgaria


Finance Minister of the Year, the Euromoney magazine, 2002
Minister of the Year, the Business World Internet Edition, 2002
Global Leader for Tomorrow - one of the 100 youngest leaders in the world, Davos, 2003
Mister Economy for particular contribution to Bulgarian economy, 2003