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Mohamed SHAHABAR Head, Strategic Trade Secretariat as Malaysia’s first Strategic Trade Controller


 Mr. Shahaber holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a MBA majoring in strategic planning.
 He has over 35 years of involvement in international trade and industrial development in/for his country.
 In international trade he was directly involved in trade promotion, trade policy formation, implementation of trade defense measures, negotiations of Free Trade Agreements, bilateral trade and economic relations and multilateral relations including the country’s dealing with the WTO.
 It also includes two overseas postings - as Malaysia’s Trade Commissioner to Yugoslavia and as the country’s Economic Counsellor based in Brussels, Belgium covering trade and economic matters in the EU. In the area of industrial development, Mr. Shahabar was in charge of the development of the electrical and electronics sector, the leading industrial sector in Malaysia that contributes 70 per cent to manufactured exports.
 He was also involved in the writing of the 2nd Industrial Master Plan, a comprehensive five years policy plan to develop high growth, technology and knowledge intensive industries in Malaysia.
 In 2006, he was entrusted to form and lead the services development division to increase services sector contribution to the economy and exports. This includes the development of multimedia and ICT industries and educational services, services sectors that have strong links with intangible exports.
 His vast experience and knowledge as a practitioner in international trade and industrial development provided him an added advantage to quickly establish a robust and effective export control system when he was nominated to lead the Strategic Trade Secretariat as Malaysia’s first Strategic Trade Controller in 2010.
 These efforts have been internationally recognized and his expertise is being used to outreach many countries that have yet to adopt measures and systems to control exports of strategic items that are in compliance with the requirements of UNSCR 1540, in particular the countries of ASEAN.


Mr. Shahabar has participated and delivered papers at many international forums, seminars and workshops on export control.