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Dr. Monika KÖPPL-TURYNA Project Manager, Agenda Austria, Vienna


2006 BA in Economics, Warsaw University
2008 MA in International Economics, Warsaw University and University of Vienna
2008-2010 Research Assistant, Department of Economics, University of Vienna
2011 PhD in Economics, University of Vienna
2011-2015 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, ISCTE-IUL Lisbon University Institute
since 2015 Lecturer, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Senior Economist, Agenda Austria, Vienna


Executive Board, European Public Choice Society (2017-2019)
Fellow, Global Labor Organization


Köppl-Turyna M. and H. Pitlik (2017). Do equalization payments affect subnational borrowing? Evidence from regression discontinuity, forthcoming in the European Journal of Political Economy
Köppl-Turyna M. and M. Christl, (2017). Effects of tax competition on employment in the public sector: A simulation model for Austria, forthcoming in Empirica. Journal of European Economics
Köppl-Turyna M. et al. (2017). Employment effects of minimum wages in Europe revisited, forthcoming in German Economic Review
Köppl-Turyna M. et al. (2017). Work incentives and distributional effects of the tax reform 2016, forthcoming International Journal of Microsimulation


2015 Young Economist Award for a best paper by a young economist awarded by the Austrian Economic Association
2011 Wicksell Prize for a best paper by a young economist awarded by the European Public Choice Society