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Nenad KONSTANTINOVIC Member of the Serbian Parliament; founder of the "Otpor" movement, Belgrade


 Junior and High school in Belgrade with excellent achievement.
 Graduated in Law at Law Faculty - Belgrade University, 1998, first class.
 Currently doing Masters in political sociology. Thesis: "Scrutiny function of Parliament - oversight of the executive"
1996 One of the initiators and organizers of the Student protest 96/97, vice-president of the Main board of the Student protest and the chief of the legal department.
1997 Voted for student MP and the vice-president of the student parliament.
1998 One of the founders of the Peoples Movement Resistance (OTPOR)
1999-2003 President of the Executive board of OTPOR
2000 Member of the Bar association.
2003 Voted President of the political party OTPOR
2004 Voted member of the Executive and Main board of Democratic Party.
  Deputy President of Legal committee of Democratic Party.
  Voted Councilor in the Belgrade City Assembly and a member of the Legislative commission and legal committee.
2005 Legal advisor of Democratic Party parliamentary group in the Serbian Parliament.
  Legal advisor of Democratic Party MPs in Administrative committee and Judicial committee of Serbian Parliament.
 Working as a lawyer.


2001 On behalf of OTPOR received Friedrich Ebert prestige award for leading contribution to democracy in the year 2000 from the President of the German Parliament.