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Dr. Pavel KABAT Director General and Chief Executive Officer, IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg


1982 M.Sc. Hydrology and Water Resources
1983 Advanced programme Stochastic Hydrology and Water Resources
1986 Ph.D. in Hydrology, Water Resources and Amelioration
2006-2012 Full Professor and Chair, Earth System Science and Climate Change Group, Wageningen University and Research Centre
2004-2012 Science Director and Programme Council Chair, Dutch National Climate Research Programme; Vice-Chair, Dutch National Climate Facility
2007-2010 Dutch Cabinet Appointed Member of the 'Delta Committee'
2000-2012 Chair of the Board and Director, Wageningen Climate Change and Biosphere Research Centre


Belmont Regional Earth System Panel
Numerous Advisory and Evaluating Panels of the EU 6th & 7th Framework Programmes
High Level International Mekong Delta Committee, 2010-2012


Kabat; P., et al.: Dutch Coasts in Transition, Nature Geoscience, no. 2, pp. 450-452, 2009
Kabat; P.: Systems Science for Policy Evaluation. Science, vol. 336(6087), pp. 1398, 2012
van Vliet; M., Kabat P. et al.: Vulnerability of US and European Electricity Supply to Climate change, Nature Climate Change, no. 2, pp.676-681, 2012
Author and (co-)author of over 200 refereed publications, including 8 books, member of 3 international editorial boards, and (co-)editor of 4 special issues of peer reviewed international journals


Dahlem Foundation International Prize, Berlin, Germany, 1998
Co-Recipient: The Zayed International Prize for the Environment (group award to authors of the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment), 2006
Co-Recipient: Nobel Peace Prize (group award to the IPCC Lead Authors), 2007
Decorated with the Order of the Netherlands Lion, 2013