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Dr. Pedro ORTUN Director, Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, European Commission, Brussels


1973-1978 Member of the Study Department of the corporate Development Division of the Spanish chemical group Unión Explosives Rio Tinto (UERT)
1979-1988 Spanish Ministry of Industry and Energy as Head of the Department "Relations with the EC", responsible for the negotiations on industrial affairs in relation to the Accession of Spain to the EC and in the Cabinet of the Ministers for Industry and Energy dealing with industrial restructuring policy, and in particular, the steel sector
1988-1990 Joined the European Commission as Director of the Steel Directorate within DG Internal Market and Industrial Affairs (DG III)
1990-2000 Responsible for all the Basic Industries in DG III
2000-2004 New Enterprise DG, responsible for "services, commerce, tourism, e-business, and e-government", for the follow-up of social and employment policies and, in particular, for the dossier on corporate social responsibility (CSR)
2005-2006 Director in the Directorate "Basic and Design Industries, Tourism, IDAB" in Enterprise and Industry DG, responsible for Steel, Mining, Non-ferrous metals and other raw material industries, for the Forest-based Industries, for the Design industries (Textile, Footwear ...), for IDABC / European e-Government Services Programme, as well as for CSR
since 2007 Director, responsible for the "New Approach Industries" (Equipment Goods, Construction Products, Toys), the Standardisation Policy, Tourism and CSR