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Phillip BLOND Director, ResPublica, London


 Phillip is an internationally recognised political thinker and social and economic commentator. He bridges the gap between politics and practice, offering strategic consultation and policy formation to governments, businesses and organisations across the world. He founded ResPublica in 2009 and is an academic, journalist and author. Prior to entering politics and public policy he was a senior lecturer in theology and philosophy - teaching at the Universities of Exeter and Cumbria.


Blond, P.: The Ownership State, 2009
Blond, P., Gruescu, S.: Asset Building for Children, ResPublica, 2010
Blond, P.: To Buy, To Bid, To Build: Community Rights for an Asset Owning Democracy, ResPublica, 2010
Blond, P., Kaszynska, P.: Tackling disadvantage, improving ethos and changing outcome, ResPublica, 2012