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BA. Predrag BAMBIC Film & TV Cameraman; Co-Owner of "Montage", Belgrade


 * 1958 Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
1977-1981 Belgrade University - Faculty of Drama Arts / Film & TV camera department
1981-1985 While Bambic worked for TV Belgrade he produeced over 3000 news reports and documentaries
1986 He served in the Yugoslav army Marines
1987-1988 As a freelance cameraman Bambic filmed TV features, documentaries, corporate films, commercials and musical promos
1989-1993 He worked for the Yugoslav Army s film production company "Zastava film" where he filmed the genesis of the violent disintegration of Yugoslavia. Bambic covered all the major events related to the developments of the wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Much of it was screened in the BBC documentary "Death of Yugoslavia"
1992-1994 Together with with Martin Bell, George Eykyan, Dan Rather, Aernaout van Lynden and others he covered for BBC, CNN, CBS, SKY News and ABC many stories on the war in Bosnia and Croatia
1995-1996 Bambic worked for Reuters TV agency and covered all the major news stories and events in the South-East Europe - wars in Croatia and Bosnia. He shot many well-known pictures of the wars in the Balkans
1996-2002 Worked for CNN International on many assignments - reports and documentaries about all, in that period numerous and tumultuous, events in Balkans with correspondents such as: Christiane Amanpour, Nic Robertson, Alessio Vinci, Richard Blystone, Brent Sadler, Jim Clancy, Tom Mintier, Walter Rogers, Jim Bitterman, Peter Arnett, Matthew Chance including exclusive live reporting about democratic revolution on October 5. 2000
since 2002 Founded film & TV production company "montage". 3 feature films, 2 TV serials, commercials


Feature films:
"Agi and Emma", filmed and co-produced, 2006
"South by Southeast", filmed and co-produced, 2005
"Land of Truth, Love and Freedom", filmed and co-produced, 10 international awards, 2000
"Big mess"/ "Avala Film", 1991
"Das Kreuz der Serben" / TV "Arte", 2003
"Yugoslavia, avoidable war" / "Hargrove Entertainmnet", 2002
"The People vs. Milosevic" / CNN, 2001
"Het Misferstand" / Ikon TV, 1996